Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hello :3

Just decided my personality sum up is likely to be Scene. I'm generally happy, and when I am not happy I do my best to hide it. I will always continue to make others smile :) but don't get me wrong I roll with the punches, but, like an elastic band I only stretch so far without snapping. When I do snap, I walk away and tend to be Emo. Very emotional and depressing. I typically refuse to talk much so I won't say something stupid that I know I don't mean. I take education seriously and I do enjoy school. But, anyone and everyone needs some time to let loose. That's where Video Games come in. They're my addiction along with books and writing. If I feel creative. Art is my passion and my love is Animals and Baking. I'm very confusing to understand if you try to understand me completely at first. Haha, but I try to not be confusing as often as possible. I love making people smile and I know that a single smile can keep me from going Emo on peoples' asses. But sometimes it happens and I do my best to not be gloomy and find a way to make myself smile again :) Just a little bit about myself. I'll blog again soon :3 Bye!

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