Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Current Mop

Okay. So my hair right now, as it is, is very boring. Not much going on. I planned on growing out my bangs, but the truth is....I missed them so much. They just made me smile a lot and drove my friends nuts when they wouldn't co-operate. So, I want them back. I realised that my personality wasn't really straight forward so I made a plan to find my personality sum up. which is Scene. I love to make people smile whether its saying something hilarious without trying or telling them funny stories about my clumsy past. The grilled cheese falling in the mop bucket and more. All my friends like the fact that I'm the one that seems to be always smiling or being the positive out look in situations. Whether it's break ups or just ordinary everyday things like the classy bad hair day. so Scene was me and I was Scene. My hair is medium/long length, dark brown and curly. Ooh and FRIZZY! But i have products for that. I wanted to come back to school and start with something new. So I have thought about it and have decided everything but what colour I would like to include in my hair. That is still a mystery, but I shall ask my friends and take their opinions into consideration before I chose the colour. Hope this turns out good, but either way. Hair is hair. It will grow back.

Hello :3

Just decided my personality sum up is likely to be Scene. I'm generally happy, and when I am not happy I do my best to hide it. I will always continue to make others smile :) but don't get me wrong I roll with the punches, but, like an elastic band I only stretch so far without snapping. When I do snap, I walk away and tend to be Emo. Very emotional and depressing. I typically refuse to talk much so I won't say something stupid that I know I don't mean. I take education seriously and I do enjoy school. But, anyone and everyone needs some time to let loose. That's where Video Games come in. They're my addiction along with books and writing. If I feel creative. Art is my passion and my love is Animals and Baking. I'm very confusing to understand if you try to understand me completely at first. Haha, but I try to not be confusing as often as possible. I love making people smile and I know that a single smile can keep me from going Emo on peoples' asses. But sometimes it happens and I do my best to not be gloomy and find a way to make myself smile again :) Just a little bit about myself. I'll blog again soon :3 Bye!